My COVID Journal

//My COVID Journal

My COVID Journal

I don’t openly write about my personal life but I feel like this moment needs me to do just that…. I had a beautiful client in last week and we were talking and she mentioned about how all of the things she was doing during her ‘covid’ time she has let go of and work has gone back to crazy! [can you put your hand up with feeling the same way?]

Do something for me right now… close down your eyes…. take a few deep breaths…. go back to that time when ‘daily routine’ was taken away, you had no weekly responsibilities of running everyone else all over the country side, checklists, schedules, routines [when everything as we know it was turned up-side-down] move past the initial shock of WTF and move into the emotion of finding something more, something else other than the normal and I want you to feel again into what that freedom felt like….

What was the NEW thing that you found? What goals did you set during that time? Was it to garden more? To make your mornings slower and with more intention? To cook dinner earlier every night? To read a book to your babies every night? To be present and re-connect with your partner? What was the NUGGET OF GOLD that you took from the height of our covid time?

I want to share mine with you in the hope that this sparks that reminder of not to let go of those goals, those intentions and that way of being….

  1. SLOW MORNINGS – this was something that i truly adored during covid and whilst I still woke up at the same time my mornings were [mine] again and it became a time to set intentions for my day. [non-existent pre-covid] it could be one simple task of meditation in the morning [and im talking 10mins – its not hours] and finding some space during that time. Going back to work – how did I manage to maintain that? Well I have a non-negotiable hour – every morning to myself now and I start work 1 hour later than i used to in order to honour my soul and makes me a better soul!
  2. SAYING NO – oooooooo I feel so many of you cringe on this one!! I know us ‘people pleasers’ cannot handle saying NO very well! We want to please everyone – we cant imagine saying NO, however at the end of the day the person having to deal with that is you and what I have learnt is that saying YES when you mean NO is a dis-service to everyone involved. WHY? because you are not being truthful and living from your truth – and that is not going to benefit anyone, especially those close to you! Saying NO on something that doesn’t serve your soul creates space and freedom to fill with something that does serve your soul and trust me – your inner self will thank you for it!
  3. MEDITATION – how do you connect with your intuition if you don’t go within? For me now this is a non-negotiable!! Mediation has honestly changed my life for the better and allowed me to connect with my true self and let go of the ‘how’!
  4. DEEP BREATHING – sounds like a simple one right? WHEN was the last time you stopped and actually took a few nice, long, deep breaths from the belly? SIMPLE, POWERFUL and takes NO EXTRA TIME – yet has the ability to shift your mood and your mindset! When life gets busy again this tool is one that we forget – one that is so powerful but we just forget.

I will share something a little more personal with you… in the last 5 months I have HALVED my inflammatory markers…. the last 4 years they have been off the charts and have not been able to make them budge – then bang!!! post COVID [what *should* have been one of the most stressful times of my career] i had a HUGE reduction in my markers….. now I am no expert… but my ability to listen to my intuition shows me the personal development work has far greater benefits than we can ever imagine and during a time of my attention being focused on stress management – I have personal experience from that now and something now that I will NEVER allow my body to suffer from the amount of stress my body was under and I ALWAYS HAD THE ABILITY TO CHANGE and I now have the right tools in order to change that for the long-term.

ONE MASSIVE GLOBAL LESSON….those covid lessons for me are here to stay and I hope that this sparks a little light in you to re-introduce one of those habits you created that truly re-connects you with you and your soul and commit to holding that into your life moving forward… TAKE AWAY THE LESSON IN EVERYTHING!


Much Love,







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