Glowing through ISO

//Glowing through ISO

Glowing through ISO

My brain has been and continues to be FILLED with all things COVID-19 and let me tell you alot of it is negative [not alot of positive news stories coming out right now!] NOW more than ever is an essential time to start creating some self-care & self-love rituals into your days to ensure we GLOW through this! Lets keep it simple and easy to implement but let this serve as a gentle reminder of some nourishing ways to honour YOU through this time…

Our TOP 5 Tips;

  1. WATER – It can be harder to drink your water when your at home, however this time is essential to maintaining your water intake. Fill up a large glass and leave it on the bench/table and note that it must be gone by a certain time, refilled and then repeat! Having a glass full at all times may help you to get that water intake in during days at home [when we know it can be a little harder to do]
  2. SLEEP – Please do not under estimate the power of sleep and good quality sleep! 7-9 hours suits me just fine [not sure about you guys!] Some great things to remember is NO technology in your rooms, minimize light to a dull glow, avoid blue lights for 1 hour prior to sleep, essential oils in the bedroom are a great addition to be using. ALOT actually happens when we are asleep and the body does some p-r-e-t-t-y incredible things when we get some shut-eye so make it a priority!
  3.  MEDITATION – Something I have personlly adopted in the last 12 months and something that has radically changed my life!! It has allowed me to connect to my body, my mind, my intuition [hello that gut feeling], allowed me to slow down, helped with physically tension and allowed my brain to slow down for a little while [y’all who overthink know what I mean here]. There are some amazing apps out there to download to help for those wanting to dive into meditation with meditations from beginners right through. For those of you who don’t meditate.. start ASAP!
  4. MOVEMENT – Right now during the changing times I have put here movement, everyone’s ideas of movement is different and not one is right or wrong. You know your own body and therefore you know what it is asking of you. In a time where gyms are closed and your PT is probably also taking time out then it is essential now more than ever to get creative with your movement. Maybe its going for a walk, online yoga, online HIIT classes, online weights classes or it could be a simple dance party in your living room on the daily. However you feel called to move, then do that!
  5. SKINCARE – No better time than now to evaluate and update your current skincare routine. Is it working for you, what areas would you like to improve on, how would you like to improve your skin? if you have answers to these questions then maybe its time to update your routine and enhance the current skincare that your using.


We have A-L-O-T more tips for y’all [but we don’t want to confuse you] however we do think at this time, we we all may have a [little more] time then it is a great space to create some new rituals, new habits and some new routines that are going to help you glow through COVID-19 but also to glow through the months following self-iso!


So lets set the challenge to GLOW-THROUGH ISO!!!



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