Core + Essential Skin Vitamins

//Core + Essential Skin Vitamins

Core + Essential Skin Vitamins

Understanding what Vitamins are essential and core in your skincare routine is so important and also something we feel as though alot of people are either missing or have no idea what these Vitamins mean and/or do! This has to change, you must take knowledge and choice over your skincare whilst allowing a professional to empower you with the best possible skincare routine and products.


There are three CORE Vitamins that should be in your skincare;


Vitamin A

The most basic way of thinking about Vitamin A is like a conductor to an orchestra – an orchestra doesn’t play in tune without someone conducting the group as a whole and ensures that every tune plays when it should. Vitamin A is your conductor as it helps with the process in the skin and allows cell to cell optimization. ALSO Vitamin A helps to regulate, stimulate and re-surface the skin with application in pm only!


Vitamin B

When we think of Vitamin B we are referring to both Vitamin B3 and Niacinamide in most cases and the reason for that is because they are in our eyes the big guns in this category! We are going to pluck out the main reason we recommend Vitamin B and that is in association with pigmentation [if one of your concerns is pigmentation and you don’t have a form of Vit B in your routine – then hmmmmm!! you really need to re-evaluate your skincare- just sayin’]

We talk about true skin immunity and skin health when we talk about Vitamin B as well as helping to restore an impaired skin barrier, however for us we see that pigmentation is the main driver for use of Vitamin B.


Vitamin C

We know that you have heard  about Vitamin C, most of us have,right? [and for good reason] – well we don’t create Vitamin C naturally so therefore adding into the skincare routine is ESSENTIAL!! The best way to think about Vitamin C is…. C stands for ‘cereal’ [breakfast for the skin] so perfect addition to your am skincare routine! One of the things we adore about Vitamin C is its ability to initial collagen deposition [so that is the baby collagen] now the best way to think about Collagen is like the walls to your house [the walls are the support and structure that holds the roof up – without it everything would crumble and sag – hello wrinkles!!]

On a side note we also adore Vitamin C for skin texture [i mean who wouldn’t want better texture?!]


So there you go…. the A, B & C Vitamins that are essential to your daily skincare routine. Each has their place, their time and their calling and that is why it is essential to work with a professional in order to develop a routine that suits you and your skin goals as well as you are getting the most from your skincare.

One last note….. not ALL Vitamins are created equal and so therefore it is important to do your research with your brands, the % they use as well as their source to ensure you are getting bang for your buck and that you are using the highest quality and most result driven sources you possibly can!


Much Love,

Little Birdy


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