Exfoliation Unpacked

//Exfoliation Unpacked

Exfoliation Unpacked

Lets chat exfoliation!! you know this is the the one topic we get asked about A-L-O-T and in return is one of the main questions we ask our clients….. “Do you exfoliate and if so WHAT are you using?”. Majority of people are on the basics and/or don’t even understand WHY they are exfoliating – so lets unpack that hey?!

Why are you exfoliating?… “ummmm because I thought I had to and it makes my skin feel nice after” – sound familiar? [ this is the general response we get when asking clients the question]… this is an answer we would like to help you to change!

WHY should we be exfoliating?

There are a whole range of reasons but the main reasons for us are;

  1. Stimulation – Initiates blood flow, which helps to get the skin to function [normally] and where there is blood… there is life! [ hello radiant skin with fresh, oxygenated blood cells]
  2. Skin Function – getting the skin to function as [normal] as possible and in turn getting our cells turning over [HELLO to new, fresh, juicy cells, when combined with great skincare]

We have hand picked the top two reasons, to not cause confusion or to overwhelm you.. skincare doesn’t need to be complicated and sometimes it’s a great idea to take it back to basics!

We want our exfoliation products to do ALL the work for us…

That is the exact reason that we work with a number of different forms of exfoliation and every skin will always require a different prescription. Most of you will be familiar with a granular exfoliant [ y’all know the ones that have little beads or grit in the product – don’t be fooled because not all beads are created equal!] This type of exfoliation can be an incredible addition to ones skin care routine [especially if you are not exfoliating at all], however getting professional advice around the frequency for your skin is essential! [we see your skin very differently to you, therefore a pro opinion is always recommended to minimize damage to the skin layers, that you may not see but we do].

The second main exfoliant we start our clients with is an Enzyme based product, WHY? [ i can hear you thinking] we like to think of these as little secret weapons…. like little ‘pac-man’ that like to eat our dead skin cells [ewwwwww right?!] but ah-mazing in our skin results and actually an essential part of our routine!

DIVERSITY is KEY when it comes to exfoliation!!

Exfoliation is key to help normalize skin function and allow those good ol dead skin cells shed off [this step is important] however there are SOOOO many factors that need to taken into account [like your skin health] when we prescribe you an exfoliation routine!

The questions to ask yourself…

  1. Am I currently exfoliating? [if yes what ingredients are in my products?]
  2. Do I have diversity in my exfoliation routine?
  3. How healthy is my skin right now?
  4. Do I need some professional advice on my routine?

Exfoliation can be a detailed routine, but one that is simple and easy to undertake! We would LOVE to help you decode the world that is exfoliants and to help you establish a more personalized and tailored routine with one of our skin consultations.

Much Love,

Little Birdy

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