A Change in Season….. Autumn to Winter

//A Change in Season….. Autumn to Winter

A Change in Season….. Autumn to Winter

I know that we all say it, but I am going to say it again….. WHERE HAS THE FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR GONE? my goodness I cannot believe I am already talking about change in season with the skin!

While we have watched the incredible spectacle of the Summer – Autumn change in season, we are now embarking on the Autumn – Winter change in season and visually it has been absolutely incredible to watch the leaves turn red and orange….. MAGIC!!

Although the change in season visually is magical, not always is the change in season for our skin, magical. There are a few things that you can do to help your skin along during these changing months. WHY should I change up my skincare do you ask? Well there are many reasons for this but during this seasonal change in particular we have gone from a hot summer, where skin can tend to be thickened, sun damaged, dull and lack luster into a season of heaters, dry air environments and environmental factors. So from one environment to another, we need to ensure that we are taking the best care of our skin possible to ensure we get the best out of our skin that we possibly can.


Over the summer months our skin can become thickened, dull, sun damaged and lack luster in appearance, so now is the perfect time to change up your skin care routine to produce more brighter and smoother skin. There are a few types of exfoliation options you can use but during this change in season but we love using an enzyme based exfoliation to ensure the best results after the summer season.


A change is as good as a holiday or so they say!! Winter time is one of the best times to change up the moisturiser that you are currently using. Going for something that has a little more richness, fuller feel or more nourishing ingredients will ensure that we are giving the skin the most hydration that we can during the colder, dryer months. Adding in an oil like doTERRA essential oils into your routine is also an awesome way to add hydration and nourish the skin.


An often forgotten about feature of the face is the lips, well forgotten about until its too late and they are so dry and cracked it hurts to smile. No one wants that!! Lip Protection is also an important element to your skin care routine and will ensure the lips stay nice and hydrated and plump!


Please don’t forget your water intake during the colder months, it is just as important now than at any other time of the year. Dehydration is the first sign of any skin disease so please make sure you keep to min 6 glasses of water per day, and add some Essential Oils to your water to help you along your way.


The skin does not just exist on the face but all over the body, so please when we are talking hydration we also mean the body as well. Gentle Dry brushing weekly can promote circulation, cell turnover and followed with a body moisturizer will ensure beautifully hydrated skin. During the colder months can be hard time for those with skin conditions so a product like ‘The Beauty Chef’ would be a great addition to your life to help the gut – skin relationship with skin concerns such as eczema.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not forget your sun protection during the winter months. This time is just as vital in using a sun protection as the summer time. You may not be in the constant sun during winter but there will be times of intermittent sun, so please ensure that you have a Sun Blocker on to help protect with the skin, sun damage and pre-mature ageing.

A change in season is exciting, and it is great for us as humans and also for our skin, but it is important that we have the tips and the tools to enable us to combat the season with the right products and to ensure that we take care of our largest living organ…. THE SKIN!!

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