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Hi, I’m Jenna and I am the founder of Little Birdy Medispa and The Float Retreat. Two beautiful spaces that encourage Health and Wellness for the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. I am truly forever grateful to bring you a space that shows you my passion, but I am so humbled to show you something that has cracked my heart fully open…….

Essential oils have shown me so much light and love and I have been blessed to have crossed paths with some incredible souls. My mission to share with you all, is dear to my heart and this is now for you, Jo. A beautiful soul who changed my life with essential oils, now an angel, who’s mission I will keep alive. To open up your heart to the light and love of doTERRA essential oils.


Mother Earth is truly so incredible and what she has to give us in this life is pure MAGIC!

Let me explain this magic………. ESSENTIAL OILS!

When you smell a Lemon or Lime, a pine tree or the smell of a flower, this is what we consider to be fragrances or scents but in actual fact they are teeny, tiny organic molecules that serve specific purposes for the plants survival, which include protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes.

Plants rely on these aromatic compounds to ward off pests and to heal the plant from any physical injury or infection, so essentially this then becomes the immune system of the plant.

The most incredible and grateful part is we then have the opportunity to use these oils for our own health, wellbeing and emotional support, whilst it is sustainable and drawn straight from Nature itself…. AMAZING HUH?

Ever been told to drink Peppermint tea too soothe a tummy, or Lemon in your water to boost the detoxification process? Well the power of these essential oils is in fact 50-70% more potent than its original form! That is truly incredible and you can imagine the profound benefits that we humans receive from such gifts of the Earth.

Mother Nature leaves no stone unturned with the petals, leaves, bark, resin and rind all being used to extract these incredible oils for us to use to better our lives and the lives of those around us.

I have chosen to align my life and my business with doTERRA on a personal and professional level due to their purity and being the safest and highest quality essential oils on the planet. There was no other choice for me when it comes to which essential oils I use, based on the values of doTERRA and being in alignment with my own personal values.

As we become more mindful with our choice of lifestyle and what we feed our bodies both internally and externally the thought of ‘organic’ becomes so much more important. What we are feeding our body becomes paramount and when you are thinking doTERRA, you know NO herbicides, pesticides, weeds or fillers used and it is just PURE Mother Nature that can change YOUR life!


There are step – by – step instructions below on how to do get these oils into your home. I recommend that you start with the Home Essentials kit, this kit allows you to have 10 of the essential oils that every home should have along with a beautiful petal diffuser.


This is what you receive:

^ Wholesale Pricing

^ Eligibility to receive doTERRA free product of the month

^ Welcome email with PDF on how to get started

^ 101 uses for your Home Essentials Kit

^ One on one consultation with me to ensure that you have everything that you need

^ Access to our Little Birdy Essential Tribe Facebook page, where you will get ongoing education & support for me

^ And of course, if you are ever interested in exploring the business opportunity then you have ongoing support and guidance from me


^ Click this link:

^ Click join & save

^ Choose the country and language that is appropriate for you

^ Choose either Wholesale or Wellness Advocate ( I highly recommend the Wellness Advocate)

^ Enter all of your personal information in

^ At ‘Enroller ID’ enter my number: 4844021

^ Then click verify (it should show my name, Jenna Douglas)

^ Allocate yourself a password

^ Click over to the next page

^ This is where you select what kit you would like to order. Purchasing the Home Essentials kit is the most popular and cheapest way to get started (purchasing a kit waives the enrolment fee for the first year and allows you 25%-55% discount on all future orders) OR you can just purchase single oils and add your ‘Welcome Introductory Pack for $35 – this is your membership)


Personally, these oils have given me:

^ Brighter more glowing Skin

^ Eased my Digestion Issues

^ Clarity & Focus

^ Emotional Support

^ Plus so much more…..

These oils are in my life every single day, from diffusing throughout the Day Spa at work during the day, diffusing throughout my home to promote wellness, sipping on lemon in my water, inhaling spearmint to allow open communication, massaging Salubelle on my face after a shower for more of a glow or massaging Grounded Blend on the souls of my feet to ensure I am present in the moment. These oils are so incredibly beautiful, I cannot wait to share these with you and allow you to connect on a physical, emotional and dpiritual level with these incredible Gifts of the Earth.

Thank you for taking the time…..